CrossFit, by definition, is functional movement performed at high intensity. We fully understand that intensity is, and should be, relative to the individual, and that functional movement is based on the individual’s capacity for safe ranges of motion. CrossFit East Nashville’s group classes are skillfully and thoughtfully designed to meet the needs and ability of all members.

CrossFit East Nashville’s group classes are skillfully and thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of all our members. We do this through a three-tiered approach: Function, Fitness, Competition.

FUNCTION: This is for those who are either brand new to CrossFit, or returning to CrossFit after some time away. The goal of Function three-fold: (1) introduce compound and dynamic movements in well-planned and safe progressions, focusing very strongly on correct movement patterns that will build a solid foundation; (2) Become acquainted with operating at relatively high(er) levels of intensity; (3) Establish realistic, attainable goals, as well as the disciplines and mind-set necessary to move you into the FITNESS level of programming.

FITNESS: Our FITNESS level of programming will be the landing place for the majority of our members. The same attention to progression, safe movement patterns, and skills development will be a top priority, as it is with FUNCTION. However, if you have progressed to FITNESS, or if this is where you began with CrossFit East Nashville, you exhibit the ability to perform a myriad of functional, high-intensity movements with skill and precision. This is the place where you can begin to see what you are made of, if you so choose.

COMPETITION: This is exactly what it sounds like. COMPETITION is the place where you are training to compete in the sport of CrossFit. For most of you, this will happen at local competitions, and predominantly in the CrossFit Games Open. The goal of COMPETITION is to provide loading, movement specificity, and time domains that will best prepare you to compete. For those of you desiring to make a run for a high placing in the open, or attempting to qualify for Regionals, it is likely that supplementary programming will be necessary. That’s ok, we’ve got your back.

Our greatest desire at CrossFit East Nashville is to help you meet your goals. That’s why we want to spend some time helping you set them, evaluating them, and adjusting accordingly. After all, we are all here to get better. The question for you is what do you want to be better at?

Constantly Varied

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