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Intro to new blog series with Caleb

Disclaimer: the posts contained within this series will not be “easy reads”. If you don’t have the patience to take them all in, they are not for you.

“The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long” - Lao Tzu, ancient Chinese proverb

“Ignis aurum probat - miseries fortes viros”

Over the next series (I’m not sure how many, yet) of posts I will be using these two quotes as somewhat of a scaffolding for my musings about fitness, as well as life in general. It’s important to note that I am not a trained counselor, and will not be pretending to be one. I will simply be sharing the past three years of collected thoughts for your dining pleasure.

I do not intend to be motivational. There are far too many folks that are willing to charge you way more than I am for that flash in a pan. I want to give you something that you might enjoy chewing on a little bit, and just maybe like a cow’s cud, spit back up and chew a bit more. Most of this will be shooting from the hip, so to speak. Expect honesty, and embrace what may be difficult or frustrating to read, but good to hear. I’ll be sure and tie it all up in a pretty little bow of encouragement, because there is nothing worse than a melee of information without any take-aways.

If you are curious about the quotes, do some dadgum investigation. I don’t have my spoon out to feed you just yet. After you’ve taken a look or two, marinate in them. Go ahead and think and ponder about what those two proverbs mean to you. They have stuck with me for many, many years now, and hopefully they will you too.


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