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Strong is beautiful

We live in a society where social media overwhelms our brains every day with images of "perfection." There seems to always be pressure on women (and men) to achieve the "perfect" body.

Open the Instagram explore page, and you'll find plenty of people to compare yourself to.

For several years, I struggled with disordered eating. I was never happy with my body and always striving to be skinnier. I avoided carbs like the plague, exercised to make up for calories consumed, and missed out on social events for fear of the inability to control my food choices.

Eight years ago, I walked into a CrossFit gym for the first time and my life was changed. It wasn't an immediate change, but over time I learned how to appreciate my body for what it could do, rather than how it looked.

I realized that I wanted to be strong - and in order to be strong I needed to fuel my body properly. I began to view food as a way to reach my goals, rather than as an enemy.

The gym no longer was a punishment for what I ate, but an opportunity to get better, to see my friends, and to take my mind off of stressors of life.

On days when you and I struggle with negative body image thoughts, may we pause to think about what our bodies do for us each day at the gym and in our daily lives.


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