Owner, CF L2

Caleb grew up in East Tennessee, in the little town of Maryville. He was involved in athletics all of his life.


Owner, CF L2

Katie is a former softball player who transitioned to running in college.  When she found CrossFIt (and her husband Caleb) in 2008, she never looked back.  She competed in the CrossFit Central East Regionals twice, and now appreciates the phenomenal workout she can get in an hour.  

Katie is passionate about CrossFit because "It is adaptable to whatever phase of life you are in and allows you to push to new goals every single day.  At one point I wanted to be a competitor, and CrossFit allowed me that.  Now, I just want to be healthy and able to play with my kids, and CrossFit allows me that."  



Coming from a mostly dance and yoga background, Mindi had a rocky intro to CrossFit compliments of her sister and brother-in-law: “after that Tabata intro where I almost met Mr. Pukey, I swore I never wanted to feel that way again!” 



Jordyn Schumm is a Nashville native with a love for anything related to sports or travel. After playing lacrosse for 12 years, including through college, she moved to Kenya to teach at an international school for two years.


She currently lives in Woodbine with her husband, Jon, and is the Director of Business Development for Magnolia Title. Her goal is to never stop learning as an athlete and as a coach. (And if you ever need a partner for a CrossFit competition, she's always game!) 




As a four-sport athlete all her life, and collegiate soccer player, the concept of health and fitness always seemed natural. But without the structure Lindsay’s wellness faltered. Finding CrossFit in 2013, she not only found a way to channel her energy, but also changed her life - establishing habits that transcended from the gym.


The CrossFit methodology has been the foundation and balance for Lindsay’s the pillars of health. As a coach, she strives for each member to feel comfortable, fulfilled and accomplished. As a member, she has come to understand that the purpose of fitness is longevity. She still enjoys the everyday battles, testing limits, pushing thresholds, and confronting discomfort, but knows life is not measured by a leaderboard or scale - its is defined by what is between your ears. 


Lindsay’s passion for CrossFit and our community comes from a place of gratitude, overwhelming kindness, and support from the people that believed in her when she did not believe in herself. She says her purpose is to pay that forward everyday. 


CF L2, PN L1

Shannon grew up in Columbia, SC and moved to Nashville after graduating from Ole Miss (with a brief stop in California to work for CrossFit HQ in between). She's one of the biggest football fans you'll meet and is a small group leader at Midtown Fellowship Church in East Nashville.


She's been doing CrossFit since January of 2013 and got her L1 in January of 2018. Shannon currently resides in East Nashville with her husband, John.




Tanner is originally from the Nashville area and participated in various sports as a kid. He eventually focused on baseball and played at the collegiate level. However, after hanging up his cleats, Tanner struggled to find motivation when it came to personal health and wellness, starting and stopping several fitness endeavors until a co-worker invited him to try CrossFit in 2014.  Since the day he showed up to his first CrossFit class, Tanner has devoted his time to learning everything he can about helping others change their lives through functional fitness and community.

Tanner and his wife, Alé, love being a part of the CFEN community. They are both Founders Club members and were part of the first 5:30am class on opening day in 2017. Away from the gym, Tanner is a pastor at Cross Point Church. He also spends any (and all) free time with his coonhound and the two love to cheer on the Vols and the Titans. He’s a decent golfer and probably spends too much time on the golf course.



Oldest CFEN member (?) but pound for pound the strongest 62 year old at CFEN. CrossFitting since 2012. Level 2 trainer. Native Nashvillian. Has run dozens of marathons including two Boston’s. Enjoys playing with grandkids, bicycling, and cooking on his Green Egg. Daughter Kati Wooten, CFEN member, is stronger than him. Married to the eternally patient Patti McCarver.