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  • Started CrossFit in 2009

  • CF-L1 2010

  • USAW Level 2 Coach 2019

  • CF Kettlebell 2011

  • CF Olympic Weightlifting L1 2011

  • CF Olympic Weightlifting L2 2018

  • CF Masters 2018

  • CF Northwest Regionals Team Competitor 2012

  • USAW Masters American Open Gold Medalist – The Arnold 2018

Coming from a mostly dance and yoga background, Mindi had a rocky intro to CrossFit compliments of her sister and brother-in-law: “after that Tabata intro where I almost met Mr. Pukey, I swore I never wanted to feel that way again!”  However, she rallied and signed up for a year, literally the next day.  A year into CrossFit, her soon to be mentor, Danny Henry, told her she’d be a good weightlifter.  A love affair with Olympic Weightlifting blossomed and Mindi started training under Henry and began competing locally on the West Coast while working in film production.

A year later she left the lights of Hollywood behind and headed up the coast to Kitsap County in Washington to coach full time at her family’s gym, Kitsap CrossFit and run the Olympic Weightlifting program.  At KCF Mindi honed her coaching skills and enticed many members to share in her love of the Olympic lifts for the next 3 years.

In 2014 she was called back to the Hollywood of the south, Atlanta, and though coaching didn’t fit into the schedule, she continued to train diligently and competed in a few local CrossFit competitions.  Mindi returned to Olympic weightlifting focused training in 2017 which resulted in a gold medal at The Arnolds in March of 2018.

The focused training re-inspired a return to coaching and a fortuitous drop-in at CrossFit East Nashville brings Mindi to us to run the East Nashville Barbell Club.

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