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A myth about CrossFit, debunked!

"I have to get in shape first!"

That's probably the number one response I hear when I talk to friends about coming to CrossFit.

Most people who haven't been into a CrossFit gym associate it with what they've seen on TV, Instagram, or from their CrossFit-obsessed coworker.

The reality is, CrossFit gyms are full of regular people who are trying to make healthy choices today that will impact their lives ten years from now.

They can't all do muscle ups, they can't all walk on their hands, heck - they can't all do an air squat. The beauty of CrossFit is that none of those things matter. What matters is pushing yourself to your own limits - and each person's limits look different.

When you walk into CrossFit East Nashville, you'll find members scaling the workouts at all different levels. The goal is for the stimulus to be the same for each person's abilities.

For example, one day the workout may be:

5 rounds

400 m run

10 handstand pushups

Person A may be doing the workout as prescribed.

Person B may have a knee that's bugging him and have to row instead of run.

Person C may be doing pushups instead of handstand pushups.

Person D may have never run 400 meters in his life without stopping to catch his breath - and guess what? There's an option for him as well. He may cut the run to 200 meters each time.

There is never a workout that can't be scaled to each person's abilities.

Have I convinced you yet? You don't have to get in shape before you come to CrossFit East Nashville, you just have to show up. We welcome you as you are and we will push you to be the best you can possibly be each day!

So what are you waiting on? Come join us!

Photo taken pre-COVID :)


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